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Returns Increase for WorkSpace Commerce: Second Phase to Enter

Al Wafra Workspace Commerce Returns Increase

Investment News Update: Workspace Commerce is now in closing stages for the first London building. Second Phase to Enter

Workspace Commerce is now in closing stages for the first London building with just under a third of the units left for investments.  They have taken the building next door which is smaller but will offer another 100 spaces for co-working, meaning 50 units more for client investments.

John Ellis, CEO of WorkSpace Commerce Ltd. claims “From the original 140 workspaces available in “The Hale”, 40% are already in reserved and/or in signed lease agreements. Universities and local businesses are keen to use our spaces. Referrals for lease contracts are continuously coming from the North London local borough council, agencies and our internet marketing sources. Expected to be fully operational by Q1 of 2017, we are confident we will be at full capacity within 3 months of opening. “

Great Returns for Investors

Haringey’s cabinet has approved a decision to cut business rates by 30 percent to businesses who move into Haringey’s new and converted workspace. The Leader of Haringey Council, Claire Kober, said: “Haringey is set to become the first London borough to cut business rates in this way. This will attract new firms to take advantage of the affordable workspace, highly skilled workforce and great transport links to Haringey. it will also help to bring disused industrial spaces back to life.

Al Wafra Workspace Commerce Returns Increase Statistics

The growth of co-working spaces in both markets is expected to stay in the double digit returns for years to come as demand is massively outpacing supply for these properties.



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