Reservation & Purchase Process

Reservation & Purchase Process

Reservation fees vary from each development, (usually around £2000.00). It is important we complete & sign both reservation forms as you will be using our privileged service to benefit from exclusive discounts. The next step will be to appoint Solicitors to carry forward the purchase on your behalf as legal representatives.

There will also be another Legal contract between Al Wafra Investments and the client stating the funds we have received and our commitment to pay as per payment plan and the remaining balance to the developer via your Solicitors. All funds received from our clients will be protected via post dated cheques forward onto your acting Solicitors. Your chosen Solicitors will then forward payments onto the developers Solicitors as per exchange of contracts(Legal binding contracts which include you-the purchaser & developer- the seller), this usually takes place after 21 days of reserving. Thereafter payments from your chosen Solicitor will continue as per payment  plan with post dated cheques already in place.

We would anticipate completion usually between 2-4 years. Once we are close to completion, you will be notified by your Solicitors at least 2 months before. At this stage we Al Wafra Investments will honor to pay the remaining balance on your behalf.

Following the above process, you can then sit back and enjoy your new home.

The above at a glance

  1. Choose your property
  2. Reserve your property
  3. Instruct our preferred Solicitors
  4. Two legal binding contracts to sign (Al Wafra & Client – Client & Developer)
  5. On completion receive your property for up to 40% less