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Overseas Investors making most of Brexit


Whilst uncertainty across markets around the world drop following UK’s decision to exit the EU, Overseas Investors making most of Brexit. The GBP hitting a 31 year low against the greenback, we would say this would be an opportunity in the short term to take advantage of the current situation.

We have already experienced a high number of inquiries from investors across Asia, Middle East, USA and even some parts of Europe looking to bag property bargains both ready and off plan. Overseas investors as well as individuals looking to buy as softening of property values & a favorable currency arbitrage.

So Why Should You Consider Buying Now after Brexit?

  • GBP at a 31 year low against the Greenback
  • Property prices up to 10% lower after Brexit
  • Overseas investors taking advantage of the current exchange rates
  • Exchange rates and property prices will rise again in a few months

How can Al Wafra Investments help you further save money?

We have unique investment models that will allow investors to buy more property for less money. We can save you up to 40% less on off plan property.

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