Help To Buy Scheme

Help To Buy Scheme

“Help To Buy Scheme With Shared Ownership”

Are you eligible to for Help to Buy & Shared Ownership?

Help to buy with shared ownership scheme is one of our unique and most preferred products by our clients. Al Wafra Investments have created this for the hard-working people like you to take this opportunity and benefit from an Interest Free home loan.

We would say most of our clients have been successful through getting the initial approval to participate in our “Help To Buy Scheme with shared ownership” .

We are able tailor this service to our clients needs so whether you’re looking for a home to use personally or purely an Investment. Ultimately this product has been designed to allow flexibility and save you money.

For example with this in mind you could own your chosen property by simply only parting with 50% or 60% of your own money. This would solely depend on your personal financial status. We would invest the remaining balance allowing affordability and you benefit from any profits achieved, this could be through rental income or simply by selling on the property.

Al Wafra Investments can give our clients up to 50% interest free home loan for a maximum of 20 years. This is subject to development completion times, usually 3 years or more.

What makes this product even more desirable is knowing you already have an approved home loan unlike most banks not giving any guarantees until 2 or 3 months before completion of development. Also not forget we will pay the remaining balance on your behalf on completion, you paying back only the balance amount with “NO INTEREST” over a maximum spread of 20 years once handover has taken place.

Now that you have the privilege of taking advantage of our unique product, let us find you the perfect investment, please contact our highly skilled advisors to arrange a free personal consultation.