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Why Buy from Al Wafra Investments?

We have the answers...


1- Why should I buy from Al Wafra Investments & not directly from the developer?

  • We would get exclusive access to stock and prices.
  • We can tailor your purchase matching your criteria & financial status.
  • You get the benefit of holding on to your money longer.
  • You would benefit from paying back the remaining balance to Al Wafra Investments Interest free over 20 years through our “Help to buy Scheme”.


2- What is the minimum percentage we have to pay to Al Wafra Investments?

  • The minimum amount would be 30 %.


3- Is there any restriction in giving a higher or maximum percentage up front to Al Wafra Investments?

  • No, you can pay as much as you like up front.


4- How do I get peace of mind of giving Al Wafra Investments a percentage of the property value?

  • A legal contract is drawn up between Al Wafra & the buyer through either “DIFC” using UK law or directly through your chosen solicitors.


5- Do we have to pay any fee’s to Al Wafra Investments?

  • The only fee’s you have to pay are the legal fees in relation to the purchase procedure.


6- How much are the legal fees?

  • This would vary from upon type of purchase, whether the property is addressed as Freehold or Leasehold.


7- In which countries do you have properties that I can purchase?

  • We have access to a large portfolio of properties in the UK and Spain and are able to source any property around the world to suit your criteria.


8- What happens if I no longer decide to proceed with the purchase of the property and you already received the minimum amount of 30%?

  • Because by this time you would have entered into a legal binding contract to buy the property usually 21 days after reserving – you are now committed.


9- If I still decide to pullout from the purchase after the 21 days or when we have entered the legal binding contract, would I lose all the money paid so far?

  • If this situation occurs, the answer in short would be “yes” you would lose the amount paid so far, but we would take each case into consideration before giving our final decision.


10-  Can I sell the property before handover?

  • This would depend on the terms and conditions of the developer.


11- What’s the difference between Al Wafra Investments “Help To Buy Scheme with Shared Ownership” against getting a home loan from a bank?

  • The major difference is the bank will charge Interest on the loan amount spreading over the term agreed.
  • The bank will also go through all credit checks to approve your home loan or mortgage.
  • The bank will also charge early redemption fees.


12- What if I want to pay the home loan to Al Wafra Investments before or between the term (years) agreed?

  • There is no clause or restrictions for you to pay earlier than the term agreed. (Minimum of 1 year payment interest free)


13- Do I have to pay any penalties to Al Wafra Investments if I decide to settle my account in full?

  • There are no penalties as long as a minimum of 1 years repayments have been made.


14- Are there any benefits of paying the home loan earlier?

  • Yes, we can offer a discount for early settlement depending on term remaining and loan amount.


15- What does Shared Ownership mean & the benefits?

  • Shared Ownership is when you agree to own a property or investment with another party.
  • Whatever percentage you pay into your chosen investment, is the percentage you own.
  • This is designed to allow affordability with the benefits of either living in it yourself, renting to a third party or then selling it.
  • All profits will be split according to value of what you have invested along with Al Wafra Investments.


16- How can you provide such a product & benefit?

  • We believe in helping others to buy and invest with us.
  • Lowering the risk and reducing financial outlay in the beginning helps us to buy into high demand properties in prime locations around the world.
  • Both parties can benefit from high rental yields and capital growth.
  • We can collectively re-invest profits achieved and help all our client to build their own property portfolio.