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Al wafra Investments

Partnered with ADAA Investments


Al Wafra Investments Overview

Al Wafra Investments is an offshore company that provides financial services and investments with peace of mind having partnered with ADAA who are also a DIFC registered company. We are a fairly new Company established in 2014. Currently we have invested AED 15 Million in UAE, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait and are already delivering great outcomes and returns.

Our strategy at Al Wafra Investments is based on diversifying with regards to various investment tools and products we can offer with low risk boundaries and reasonable percentage of returns.

Al Wafra Investments is made up of highly-qualified individuals, experienced in most areas of investment generally, particularly in tailor made finance solutions.

Al Wafra investments believe in building strong relationships with its clients based on mutual trust, honesty and most importantly in our view transparency.


Al Wafra investment company is registered under Dubai DIFC and is proud to be partnered with ADAA Investments controlled by DIFC rules and regulations.DIFC is an onshore financial centre strategically located between the east and west, which provides a secure and efficient platform for business and financial institutions to reach into and out of the emerging markets of the region.

At the heart of the DIFC model is an independent risk-based regulator, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), which grants licenses and regulates the activities of all banking and financial institutions in DIFC. The regulatory body was created using principle-based primary legislation modelled closely on that used in London and New York. The DFSA has played a major role in providing financial companies the confidence that they have a sound, stable, secure and growth-oriented platform for their business.

To demonstrate the power of private capital in helping to solve some of the world’s pressing socioeconomic and environmental challenges by creating institutional class impact funds that attract private impact investing capital at scale.

To be amongst one of the leading investment companies in providing best suited products that deliver both competitive financial returns and measurable impact.

Accountability – we embrace profitability and consistency as the lifeblood of the organization.
Adaptability and Flexibility – we encourage an entrepreneurial mindset to consistently improve and solve nonstandard problems through creativity.
Humility – we seek to listen and learn from others and guard against prideful attitudes.
Integrity – we are committed to intellectual honesty and reliability.
Transparency – we are precise and open about goals, results, successes and failures and we advocate an environment where we learn from those experiences.